Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crimson and straw

I've been in Aylesbury all day, basking in glorious straw-coloured winter sunlight with my godson, Will and his mother, Raily. 

We had a splendid day. We ate baked potatoes, played with Lego, went to an amazing lake for a walk, watched birds - including a red kite - from a proper hide, visited Raily's allotment where we dug Jerusalem artichokes out of the ground (who knew that's how they grow?), and then, as the sun melted into a glorious crimson orb, pottered about the area around the church in Aylesbury, which is one of the loveliest spots I've encountered for some time. A square of ramshackle Georgian houses surrounds the church yard. There's no room for cars. You could film a period drama there tomorrow. 

I came back home to find Fiona - and a pizza - in my front room. A glorious end to a very special day. 

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