Sunday, 24 February 2013


It’s been a ridiculously quiet Sunday, and it strikes me that I’ve spoken to no one all day, apart from a rather curious lady in the gym. Nathan has been rehearsing a show and got up preposterously early to do so. I lay, like Lady Muck, in bed for most of the morning. I did a bit of writing and then got sucked into a Carry On film; something about Henry VIII. They’re all the same, but it made a pleasant enough distraction.

I went to the gym and met a woman in the steam room with a face full of shampoo bubbles. Who shampoos their hair in a steam room? She was obviously in a great deal of pain because the bubbles were dripping into her eyes and was running towards the shower. She returned to the steam room some two minutes later, and apologised for her behaviour; “there was something in my eye. It felt like shampoo,” she said rather quizzically. FELT like shampoo? Her face was literally covered in bubbles. Surely she could remember putting that much shampoo in her hair before getting in the steam room? It’s not like shampoo remains in a latent state in one’s hair, waiting to turn into sea foam the moment it senses moisture!  And furthermore, if it wasn’t shampoo, what on earth was it? I was horrified.

I came home from the gym and sent out a load of emails about our music quiz. A date for your diaries: Saturday April 27th, 2013. Nathan and I are writing a quiz to raise some funds for the Rebel Chorus’ recording of Four Colours, which is going to be released for the Kaleidoscope Trust. It’s very important to me that every penny which the recording makes is able to go to the charity, so we need to raise about £600 to pay for a specialist recording studio where the choir can all sing with headphones on.

The quiz promises to be a rather genteel occasion. It’s an afternoon event, right next to Hampstead Heath, which means that people can spend the morning walking their dogs and the evening doing whatever they might feel like doing. The quiz will be accompanied by tea and fine cake. What more could anyone want?

To reserve a place contact Bring a team, or come on your own. We will allocate you a seat on a table with like-minded souls.

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