Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake mayhem

It’s Pancake Day and we’ve just royally stuffed ourselves with Delia’s finest, covered with currents, lime juice, maple syrup and sugar.  They were absolutely delicious, although I’ve seriously lost the ability to toss a pancake. Mine all ended up like little chamois leathers in the corner of the pan.

It’s been a day of mayhem. I’ve been desperately trying all week to get the Rebel Chorus into a recording studio to start the process of recording the Pepys Motet. It’s been two steps forward and one step back all the way. Every time I think we’ve got somewhere, something else goes wrong. On two occasions the recording studio has fallen through just as I confirm with all the singers that we’re on. I’ve now sorted the women and the basses, but the tenors are driving me insane. Literally insane. I lost it whilst eating lunch this afternoon just after reading that the recording studio booking had collapsed... again. One moment I was tucking into a plate of beans on toast, and the next a curious moaning sound was coming from the pit of my stomach and Nathan was physically having to hold me down! Deeply tragic.

I guess I spend so much of my life doing admin, trying, sometimes it feels against hope, to get my music out there and find opportunities for the choir to do what they do so beautifully. It’s nobody’s fault other than fate. The will is there on all sides, we just need the planets to start aligning. I’ve never been hugely lucky with the planet thing - probably because I don't believe in bunkum.

The over-reaction to the problem is definitely an indication that too much is going on in my life at the moment. I can’t think about anything without realising that my mind is littered with things I need to do. Before we can record the Four Colours songs for the Kaleidoscope Trust, we need to write and organise a quiz. I have two ridiculously complicated funding applications to fill in. I have scores to write. Every time I send an email asking for vital information, it takes a day or so to be returned. Meanwhile I’ve started working on the White City project with perhaps slightly less support than I would normally receive.

As a result of all of this I’m a little shaky and achy tonight. It’s nothing a good night’s sleep and a bath won’t sort. I’ll be right as rain tomorrow.

Still, the pancakes were lovely. Things must be on the up!

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