Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bored and a little lonely!

I've been moping around all day today. The most exciting thing I did was go to Highgate Woods with a mug of tea to sit on a bench and read a book about the Leeds Pals. It felt rather decadent and eccentric to be carrying a mug of tea through the streets but better that than drink out of polystyrene!

It was rather lovely to be sitting in the woods, but something about the dappled light and the small typeface of the ancient book I was reading seemed to clash rather hideously and I ended up having to go home feeling slightly fuzzy-headed. 

The only other remotely exciting thing was a 9pm visit to the local kebab shop for my usual treat of halloumi and salad in pitta bread. I try very hard when I'm there not to think where the tongs - which the man behind the counter uses to turn the cheese over on his giant grill - have been. They look rather red and sticky. One day I'm sure I'll be horribly ill as a result of eating there. Or no longer be able to call myself vegetarian. 

The tally of shit telly I've watched today is astounding, and includes three episodes of How to Look Good Naked, a 2010 episode of a property show, and a curiously addictive low-budget programme called "Snog, Marry, Avoid," where lots of silly women mince about slagging each other off for not looking "natural" enough. It seems that "natural" means wearing exactly the same amount of make-up, just in more subtle shades. A variety of boyfriends would periodically pop-up to say how awful it was to wake up and find the bed covered in fake tan, and it struck me how strange that must be. I've always said that being straight is one of the gayest things in the world! You wouldn't find me lying in a bed covered in pink occasional cushions with lacy curtains hanging at the windows!

I was angry to see the BBC trolling out an ancient episode of Escape to the Country, particularly in light of the fact that it looks like there may not be a slot to broadcast the White City film, which is daring, extraordinary - and already paid for! And yet, they're happy to trot out something which was cheap, throw-away daytime telly three years ago! At one stage the presenter went to look at a field of newly-planted roses somewhere in Cambridgeshire and asked when they'd be ready to pick. "2011 or 12" came the reply, and the presenter looked surprised; "gosh, a long time away then." I assume she was also thinking about 2012 being the year of the Olympics and wondering how bizarre it would be to host such a mega-event! 

We haven't had any Internet for the last two days, which, on a day like today, when I'm a little bored and lonely, is like hell on earth! Damn Talk Talk and their uselessness. They tell me it might not be fixed before August 6th. What will I do?

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