Friday, 16 August 2013

Putting the world to rights

We've just spent a glorious evening in the presence of the lovely Llio. We talked about philosophy, religion, quantum physics, extra terrestrials, families, Welsh independence, spirituality, sex, music, therapy and my silver elephant pendant, Little Great Alne, who never leaves my side. 

We sat in a little cafe in Muswell Hill; arrived at 5pm and left at 10. The world was very firmly put to rights. 

The rest of the day was spent sending CDs of our Four Colours recording out to the people who'd invested in the project. Just as I reached the post office counter window, Nathan suggested we send the parcels second class, and saved us us quite a lot of money! I always forget the concept of second class mail, and frankly, because the postal system is so unreliable, you might as well save the pennies. No one's in a rush to receive them.

I was hoping to have finished the current book I'm reading about the First World War today, but I've woken up with a cold, or hay fever or something, which is making me feel rather sluggish. Reading's hard when you're not feeling well! 

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