Monday, 5 August 2013


...And suddenly he realises his life is so dull, he's forgotten to post a blog for yesterday, which was actually a thoroughly decent day!

Brother Edward came up from Canary Wharf and we had a glorious afternoon eating a Prix Fixe at Cafe Rouge, and then going for a long walk through Waterlow Park, down Swain's Lane and then back up to Highgate via the Heath, which looked absolutely glorious in the sunshine. 

We were all quite tickled to stumble upon the little patch of the Heath, just next to the male-only bathing pond, which seems to be almost exclusively peopled by gay sunbathers. Only on the Heath! 

I think this area also featured prominently in a rather bizarre 1960s film called Blow Up. I've seen the film a number of times and I'm pretty sure one of the sequences is shot there, or thereabouts. 

We came home and I played Edward a number of the films I made in the year I worked at HSBC, which seemed appropriate seeing as he works there these days. They all felt hysterically out of date, not just because the various programmes and projects the films were promoting seemed to come from a bygone era of pre-recession banking, but because the after effects and grading I'd used all looked so horribly corporate, gaudy and "naughties!" Not a single piece of text sailed across the screen without some kind of whooshing sound or thunder clap! Ah! The days when banking was sexy and money was no object! 

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