Thursday, 3 October 2013

One foot in the past

I spent the whole day working on the synopsis of Brass and sent it off to Philippa - who is working as dramaturg on the piece - full of trepidation and fear. What if it makes no sense? What if it's just one long flight of fancy on my part with no discernible structure? Ah, the terror of starting out on a creative journey! Still, I'd much rather the criticism came at this stage than further down the road when I've written beautiful songs which belong in scenes which need to be cut!

I worked through lunch and all the way till six o'clock and then took myself for a jog to see if I could shake the back ache which has been threatening to become an issue for the last week.

I ran around Highgate Woods. The air felt rather sticky but there was a glorious orange sunset which looked a little like someone had thrown up in a giant porcelain sink!

I came home and we ate pizza whilst watching Sarah Millican on iPlayer. Nathan is now winding hand-spun wool onto a swift. What with half of my brain lodged in the First World War, it's like we're bridging 100 years in a single evening: modern technology colliding with the ancient world. Now pass me a candle...

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