Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Window ledge

Nathan left the house bright and early this morning to go to work at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Within minutes he called to say that he'd left his oyster card by the bed, and to save him coming round the back of the house, could I throw the card out of the sitting room window? I opened the window and found Nathan standing expectantly on the street below. 

I threw the card down but it turned into some kind of crazy helicopter and the damned thing gently circled its way down to the widow ledge of the flat next door! And there it sat, staring up at me. Going absolutely nowhere! Nathan merely shrugged his shoulders and walked off down the street, absolutely disgusted. 

I threw some clothes on and rushed next door. Fortunately my next door neighbour, whom I discovered is called Tom, was in. He appeared at the back window looking decidedly naked from the waist down, but was extremely helpful, and soon I was able to call Nathan to say that I'd recovered the card. Sadly it was a little too late. He'd already bought himself a new one. 

I spent long hours on the telephone to EE, which is the name that Orange masquerades under these days. I have no idea what EE stands for. There used to be a chain of Internet cafes called EE, which stood for Easy Everything, and was run by the same people who did Easy Jet. They had orange branding and were open through the night. It cost a quid to "surf" for an hour. People would sit in long lines checking their hotmail accounts and looking at porn in weird balsa wood booths. I guess they went out of business when people started getting lap tops and smart phones. 

Anyway, there's something wrong with my iPhone and I wanted to talk to someone about it, but the customer services people took 22 1/2 minutes to answer, which I feel is an all-time record. Bottom line is that EE don't give a s**t about their customers. Fact!

I went to Westminster for a meeting with the Arts Council today to talk about Brass and things went very well. There's a genuine sense of excitement building about the piece. I just hope I can nail it.

I went to Highbury on my way home and sat in a chip shop with Fiona who's up in London for a gig. The only chip shop in London, it seems, too arrogant to offer a vegetarian alternative. Still, the chips were nice... And Fiona paid! 

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