Thursday, 31 October 2013


Meriel stayed the night last night and we went to Quarter's Cafe first thing for an early morning cup of tea. I stayed on to do some work on Brass before heading home for a rehearsal with Helen, the Rebel Chorus' new alto, who came round to go through  her part for tomorrow's recording.

She was, thankfully, incredibly well- prepared and rather sailed her way through the music without needing to stop. An hour later, she was gone, with only time to eat one Jaffa Cake!

I continued to work on Brass before heading off to the osteopath, who, realising I don't seem to feel pain when subjected to deep tissue massage, went at me like a psychopath. As a result I feel about three inches taller and very much ready to face the world, although I'm sure I'll ache in the morning!

It's Hallowe'en and almost everywhere I look there are curious little devils and ghosts and ghouls, some with the most amazing make-up and masks. I bumped into Alex, who was off to see Jo and Russel and their kids trick or treating in Hampstead Garden Suburb, where Hallowe'en, I'm told, is something of a legendary event. I rather suspect it's a festival that Jewish people don't mind celebrating!

As we travelled south on the tube, Alex opened his bag an showed me what he was going to be wearing; a crazy mask, which he put on, an even crazier wig... "You're not doing this for the sake of Russel and Jo's kids are you?" I said... He looked a little sheepish... "Hallowe'en's so much fun," he said...

I reckon we should introduce the concept of adults trick or treating... Mind you, I imagine that might get out of control rather quickly. When I was a child, trick or treating was regarded with great suspicion as something only bawdy Americans did. There were always rumours about people putting razor blades in apples which I never really understood. Surely it's the kids doing the tricking? So why would a householder accept an apple from someone he'd refused to give sweets to? Have I missed the point?

I came home and rehearsed with Abbie, before we all went out to Muswell Hill to buy chips and pumpkins to carve in front of the telly. Abbie and I went for rather traditional faces whilst Nathan created the silhouette of a little ghost. He's so visually creative, that one.

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