Monday, 20 April 2015


We've just spent the evening with Hilary, rather unexpectedly, on her beautiful boat in Chelsea Harbour.

I now completely understand why someone might want to live in a house boat. One might assume it would be claustrophobic, low-ceilinged, and unsettling on the stomach, but in actual fact, the movements of the boat are incredibly gentle, and the living spaces are small enough to feel cosy but not so small they feel stuffy or enclosed.

We had a lovely night: great food in the form of a vegetable tagine, and wonderful chats about musical theatre, child-rearing and our recent trip to France. Hilary told us she'd been surprised to learn that Hitler had served in the First World War. This particular factoid came up as we were being shown around the Beaumont Hamel trenches. I think he was at Vimy Ridge, amongst other places, which is why our Canadian guide was so knowledgeable on the subject.

We had a bit of fun doing some filming for the Pepys Motet album. I've decided to shoot a little promo video for that project as well as the more professional one we're doing for Brass. It's almost impossible to market any recording these days without some kind of film which can do the rounds on social media, so we got the candles and lanterns out and had a play.

I'm ashamed to say that the rest of the day was spent doing admin. I had a lot to do - quite a lot of which was for our music quiz on May 9th - and Nathan was working on a knitting commission, so it made sense for us to sit next to one another working, but only communicating from time to time.

Speaking of which, I'm now in bed, and my husband is merrily snoring next to me, which must mean it's time to sleep!

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