Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Like a machine

I'm officially a machine! I had a list of things to do this morning which I slowly and efficiently managed to achieve. The list, of course, continues to grow, but once I've sat down with Nathan and gone through our combined notes on PK's most recent (and excellent) mixes for Brass, I shall at least feel on top of things. Or more on top of things... Until the next catastrophe appears, of course!

For the next two weeks, and until the filming is finished on Brass, everything is in lock down. We've quizzes to write, mixes to okay, albums to master... I have to head down to Brighton for a day to do final mixes on Brass, and I have to plan Sunday's shoot, which involves a day at Abney Park cemetery. And Nathan has an important knitting commission to finish. Everything has come at once! It's quite terrifying.

The council have changed the street lamp outside our living room window. It's made the most astonishing difference. They've got rid of the halogen bulb and replaced it with a bright white light set of LEDs which twinkle like crystals on the frosted glass window panes. The old light used to fill the room with a rather sickening yellowish half-light. The new one looks rather like subtle moonlight, and catches the lower branches of the trees above the tube opposite in a most pleasing way. The squirrels who live there must be a little confused all of a sudden, however.

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