Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I went to bed ludicrously early last night. 11pm. Something like that. Nathan tricked me into thinking it was midnight because he thought I needed the sleep. Which I did. I slept through to 8am without even noticing that I was alive.

I did a morning's admin. I was like a whirling dervish ticking things off an ever-growing list of things to do, whilst applying Vicks vapour rub to the neuralgia nonsense on my upper arm. Obviously Deep Heat would have been a tad more appropriate, but the Vicks made things tingle in a different kind of way, which felt suitably decadent... I called my parents and discovered that they are also suffering from colds, which we no doubt passed onto them during Tim's wedding weekend.

I went into town to meet Nathan for a lateish lunch. He'd had a fairly awful morning at the box office on account of a ghastly customer who'd been immensely rude and then cried racism when he gave her a piece of his mind in return. Playing the race card as and when it suits is a despicable act because there is almost no come back. Crying racism, Islamaphobia, or homophobia merely frightens people into acquiescence and makes any victory an incredibly shallow one.

I came home and tried to consolidate files on various computers, mass storage devices and goodness knows what else. Every device I was using had some kind of remedial issue which made accessing their contents a complete nightmare. I was using slave keyboards and holding pet rat-chewed wires together with my finger tips. I was searching for various scores, photos and documents pertaining to the Pepys Motet and Oranges and Lemons, the latter I was horrified to learn was written six whole years ago... As I looked through various documents from various points in my life, I started to feel incredibly old; like a wizened old hoofer who finds a pair of tap shoes in an old chest and briefly remembers the time when he was able to do wings, Maxi Fords and a triple time step, all at the same time! Instead, I remembered the days when it didn't matter that I was poor!

At 9.30pm I finally located the last piece in the cyber jigsaw and was able to stop for the day and watch a few episodes of the sitcom Marry Me - which I recommend wholeheartedly. It's on Channel 4 OD, where you can still watch our wedding... as it happens.

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