Saturday, 4 April 2015

Tim and John got married

My brother Tim and his partner John got married today at Llandudno Town Hall. The sun shone down on us constantly. Spring has arrived. Once again God has proven that he likes it when the gays get married!

The day started with a little walk around the cottage we've been staying in. It turns out there's a beautiful moss-lined waterfall behind the house. I doubt water gets any purer than the stuff gushing down that Welsh hillside.

The town hall in Llandudno is rather badly signposted so it took a while to find. We actually went past it several times. It ended up being the building where a craft and antique fair was being held. 50p entrance fee. Lots of tat. I was tempted, but instead we hovered around in the vestibule until a woman came over and asked if we were there for the wedding.

It turns out that the wedding itself was a very select event with only fourteen guests. Bizarrely it was the first gay wedding (apart from my own) that I've attended. Perhaps as a result, I found the experience hugely moving, particularly when the registrar announced that "marriage was defined as the union of two people." I'm rather proud that it's no longer defined as the union of one man and one woman. In that single changed sentence, British equality was born.

I was also surprised by how quick a wedding can be if you a) don't film it and b) don't sing it! I reckon we were in and out within fifteen minutes.

Tim and John looked so happy. It was a joy to see them being declared "husband and husband" and cuddling and kissing each other.

The "wedding breakfast" was in a lovely country pub with views over a sun-sparkling estuary, beyond Conwy and back in the valley where we're staying.

We all sat on one table and ate gorgeous pub grub. I had a frittata and a bowl of chunky chips. We took photographs in the pub garden, with the Welsh mountains glowing mauve in the background. Tim's father made an eccentric little speech. It was all very charming.

We came back to Tim and John's long house on Little Orme and sat on their patio in the glorious late afternoon sunlight drinking wine, or, in my case, Lemsip!

I've been knocking back tablets, potions and cough medicines all day to try and beat this ludicrous cold I've been suffering from. I was up all night coughing. I'm determined it's not going to spoil my trip, but its damnedest!

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