Saturday, 15 August 2015


There's just nothing to say about today. The weather looked nice out of the window. I would love to have been out there, on the Heath, picnicking, meeting friends... But that wasn't possible. I had to work...

Yesterday night I lost a load of time to a fabulous computer crash, which has yet to be solved by the people who make the programme I use for writing music. I was hoping for a nice easy day. I'd reached a rather scantily-orchestrated song, which looked like it might have been dealt with in half a day, leaving me the rest of the day to do nice things, but, as a result of the malfunction, I had to start the next song on the list, which is an eight-minute epic. At 7pm, I was only half way through, so I threw in the towel and knuckled down to an evening of Saturday night telly feeling somewhat disgruntled.

And that's genuinely it!

Night night.

Loving being boring, Ben xx

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