Thursday, 20 August 2015

Keys please Louise

Well what a silly nonsense! Imagine a scenario where both you and your husband leave the house without keys and return home from work after your land lord (who has a spare set) has left the shop below where you live? That! We stood in the garden whilst the rain pelted down, wondering if life could have dealt us a crueller blow.

Fortunately our land lord's wife is a brick, and came all the way to Highgate from Watford to rescue us. She very politely made out that she was passing anyway, "on her way to see her Mum" she told us. Turns out her Mum lives in Wembley. Highgate is most definitely not en route! We're feeling somewhat relieved, but massively embarrassed. And hugely grateful to her for saving the day.

Fortunately I'm feeling a little better this evening. Quite how long this will last I've no idea, but I'm making the most of it as I was feeling ming de mong this morning.

I think I'm being carried along by a feeling of elation after an incredibly good day in Uncle Archie's office with Cat and the team, when we took a mighty step forward in the planning for our documentary project. I think everyone is really excited about what's happening. There's a lot of work ahead, but we now have rock solid foundations to build upon. It seems bizarre to me that a good ten hour's work have to be condensed into a single paragraph, but that's the nature of a confidential project!

We rushed home to watch the Great British Bake Off, but obviously our plan was mercilessly wrecked by not having a key between us, so, whilst waiting for our landlady to ride to our rescue on her silver Honda, we sat in The Woodman Pub and ate our tea.

We got back to the house to discover that Little Welsh Nathalie downstairs had left us the ingredients to make a honey, lemon and ginger tea. I'd be surprised if anyone could think of a more beautiful neighbourly gesture. Pip-less lemons and delicious fresh ginger to boot, which well-and-truly set us up for the night. We watched the Bake Off on iPlayer whilst Nathan double knitted a skull and cross bones. Is there no end to his talents?

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