Sunday, 2 August 2015

Jigsaw puzzles

We're doing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the world on the sitting room table. It's addictive. We've done all the land masses and are now struggling to get all those silly islands in Micronesia sorted out. It's become an obsession. There are currently six of us trying to cram wrong-shaped pieces into wrong-shaped holes whilst screaming with frustration. 

This house is stunning. It sits on a cliff top surrounded by heathland and woods. There's a tiny bay below us with a pebble beach. The tide goes out really far. At one point Raily was jumping off a rock into the sea, which later in the day was in the middle of a beach surrounded by a group of picnickers. 

We took a longer route down the ravine to the beach after lunch and stumbled upon the most beautiful waterfall which was cascading over a moss-covered cliff. It was like some kind of fern-filled Hawaiian grotto. The most capable Capability Brown would have struggled to create something so perfect! But then again, this landscape was created by dragons. 

Getting to the cottage by car involves a rather long and bumpy trip along a dirt track. There's a field entirely filled with horses on one side, which is a somewhat unusual sight. Even more usually, the field on the other side of the track is always full of crows. Hundreds of them. It's a bit sinister if I'm honest! 

I've set up a long-form treasure quest for two of the little girls in our number,  whose task is to follow clues to locate ten little tiny toy animals who have come all the way to Wales to visit them. It's been great fun to watch their faces light up when another clue turns up. Most of the clues are written in chalk. It's great fun. 

But I'm returning to the jigsaw now. MUST COMPLETE BEFORE BED! 

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