Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sore throats and lethargy

It's 11pm, and I've only just stopped working for the day. I thought I'd manage to finish formatting the piece of music I'm currently working on (When You're a Pal) but it's trickier than I thought it was going to be and I've had to throw in the towel, panicking somewhat that I simply don't have the time to finish this before going full-time on the documentary project. It's really touch and go!

Speaking of the documentary, I've been down in Kentish Town for much of the day, battling sore throats and general lethargy, whilst doing research and trying, as often as possible, to return to Brass to prettify or re-score another couple of bars. I feel like I'm in an episode of Challenge Anneka!

In other news, I finally won my appeal against the parking fine which some knob from Haringey Council slapped on our car, for parking (in our street) in a "suspended bay" which wasn't properly signposted. The bay was apparently needed for gas works, but not so necessary that they actually had to remove our car to do the work. The comedy in the situation came from Haringey's absolute ineptitude when it came to the appeals process. They made it ludicrously easy for me to tie them in knots. They faffed over the course of countless emails, totally refusing to answer direct questions until I had such a huge dossier on them that they had the option of dropping the charge, or my billing them for a huge number of hours of wasted time.

I feel proud not to have caved in and paid the fine. I came close so many times, but sometimes you have to stand up for the little people, particularly if that little person is you!!

My Pepys Motet CDs have arrived. 1000 of them. They look gorgeous and it's been wonderful to pay the final bills associated with the four-year project and finally being about to put the project to bed. Now I have to work out how I'm going to release the bleeding things. There's certainly no time to do it right now... Soon though. Soon.

The Brass cast have all been atwitter with the news that it's the one year anniversary of the first performance of Brass at the City Varieties theatre. It seems forever ago, somehow. And perhaps not surprising the show is still killing me!

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