Sunday, 13 September 2015


I reckon I've gone a bit cross-eyed today after doing a twelve-hour solid stint on Brass. After all that work, I feel no nearer to completion than I did at the start of the day, and aside from a bad back, I've frighteningly little to show for sitting at a computer for all that time. One day I'll sit down and discover there's nothing left to do. At that point I will weep for joy. At the moment, however, because I don't really dare look ahead to try and work out how much more work there is to do, my philosophy is simply to work as hard as I can as often as is possible. One day, though. One day all this will be done!

The only other thing I've achieved today was taking a set of pictures of Nathan's newest sock design. We did it in the garden against dirty brick walls, rusty padlocks and metal fences. It all looked rather urban and New York-like. I'm not sure the socks, which are dark green and somewhat organic in appearance, were particularly enhanced by the gritty setting, but the pictures look very cool and I'm pleased to have achieved at least something of use today.

We had a Chinese for a late-night tea whilst catching up on the X Factor from this weekend. I'm told by The Guardian that the show is haemorrhaging viewers and, as the series progresses, it's beginning to feel incredibly tired despite the new judges and the fact that they've obviously combed the country to find some genuinely talented acts. But if anyone says "I didn't like it... I loved it" "your harmonies were on point" or "the best thing about you is that you don't know how good you are" again, I might be tempted to turn the bloody nonsense off.

There were two gospel choirs on Saturday's show who sang, in my view, incredibly badly, but, of course, they were told they sang with "soul" and perfect vocals, which is what everyone has to say when black people sing gospel. I find it incredibly frustrating because it genuinely devalues the brilliant gospel singers and choirs out there. I'm also not sure why a group of panelists, most of whom couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, are allowed to comment on vocal ability. Can anyone tell me what Nick Grimmy-thingy is bringing to the table? He seems to be a personality vacuum with no discernible musical skills. He just smiles and pouts. I don't really know why I'm giving any of this much thought. The show's a pile of pants, but we can all watch it whilst doing a million other things, so it's useful background material and as such, we'll all miss it when it's gone.

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