Thursday, 10 September 2015


I'm slightly late to the blog tonight on account of getting myself waylaid looking through the Fall 2015 edition of Vogue Knitting, which features a pattern by my husband, the incredibly talented designer Nathan Taylor AKA Sockmatician. The design is a double-knitted shawl based on the iconic Chrysler Building in New York. One side of the garment shows the building in the daytime, and the other shows it at night. It's a stunning bit of schmutter, and I'm exceedingly proud of him. Just to recap: that's a pattern published in Vogue Knitting, which is the most prestigious publication in the knitting world. Proud? Hell yeah!

Nathan is off to see an endodontist tomorrow where he will be having root canal work, which I'm told is a fairly unpleasant experience. He's been living with some sort of infection in his tooth for some time now and until recently we'd been waiting for our useless dentist to get back to us with financially viable alternatives to the ludicrously expensive specialist she initially suggested. She never got back to us, so Nathan's been forced to settle for the first one. His blood tests came back suggesting his body was fighting some kind of infection and I'm quite convinced it's to do with this tooth. In fact, I've done some research which suggests his chest problems might be linked to the same issue. I have my fingers firmly crossed that all his problems will be solved with the single procedure.

We spent the day down in Kentish Town doing an inordinate amount of work on the documentary project. I was incredibly proud of what we achieved. We worked ourselves into a frenzy and had to take a walk around Hampstead Heath to calm ourselves down.

We walked home as the sun set, all the way up the steep hill into Highgate and down again, arriving home just in time for the Bake Off, which we watched with a plate of pasta and salad on our laps. It turned out to be a somewhat nail-biting and emotional episode. I'm nailing my colours to the mast as a huge fan of Nadia. I think she's inspiring and hugely amusing...

There's not a great deal else to say. After the Bake Off finished I did two hours' work on Brass before watching the end of Despicable Me, which we watched last night until I prematurely fell asleep. At least I can finally say with authority what a Minion is, having won four of the little tykes on the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles.

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