Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Don't read this blog. It's boring!

We seem to have been working solidly since 9.30 this morning, and, once again, I'm not altogether sure we've achieved anything of any note. On top of everything, it's been a day filled with arguments as Nathan and I try to work out what on earth's going on and how we're going to work together to make sure it all makes sense in the limited time frame we have. We'll get there, but not without a few teething problems. So many documentaries these days are infused with fake jeopardy, but I assure everyone that, on this particular documentary, the jeopardy is there in spades. Frankly, if either of us come out the other end of this process with our sanity intact, it will be a blessed miracle.

Right, it's midnight. I need to stop for the day. I apologise for not having anything more interesting to say. I apologise in advance if my blog isn't the most entertaining read for the next few days!

Anyone know any good jokes?

Here's one from Nathan:

Q - what do you call a fly with no wings? 

A - A walk!

(I don't get it.)  

See, told you it was burning! 

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