Thursday, 3 September 2015

Exhausted kebabs

We're exhausted. It's 8.30pm, we've only just finished work down at Uncle Archie's in Kentish Town, we're gonna gobble down a bit of food, and then I need to get cracking on another song from Brass. At the moment, my only respite is the actual act of eating, and even then, whilst stuffing food in my gob, I'm trying to read a document, or check an email. It's punishing beyond words.

The positive is that we're doing good work. Really good work. Things have started slotting into place and there's only been a small amount of tension, all of which has come as a result of the team not all being in the same place at the same time. Things have a habit of moving forward in leaps and bounds when one of us is absent, and this invariably causes hints of friction.

It's veggie kebabs from "Mega Grill" tonight. Mega Grill! I ask you. It's only children's nurseries which have worse names than kebab shops. Nurseries are always called ghastly things like "Little Stars" or "Tiny Monsterz." Kebab shops are usually named after other fast food chains ("Hawaiian Fried Chicken") or randomly prefixed by some kind of shiny gemstone. How do I know all this? Well, unfortunately, as the work-load increases, so our ability to cook for ourselves diminishes. It's soups and salads for lunch and then whatever we can source from local takeaways for tea. Last night we had pasta from Papa Del's, which doubled up as lunch today because the portions are so wonderfully large.

They've dug up the road at the back of our house. Apparently they're doing essential gas works for ten weeks, which probably means the road will be closed for that long. I must say, it's rather lovely. The road is blocked off at the junction with the A1, which means there's no through way, which, of course, means it's deathly quiet, and suddenly great for parking. I hope the gas works take forever, frankly!

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