Wednesday, 27 January 2016


We arrived late at rehearsals this morning simply because we couldn't haul our sorry arses out of bed! Both of us are still full of cold and utterly exhausted.

It was a rather bitty day. Members of the cast kept having to leave rehearsals for costume fittings, so there always seemed to be key people missing from the scenes that were being rehearsed. Our stage manager and assistant director were kept incredibly busy, rushing about, filling in for the missing people. It's a pleasure to see the actors starting to find their characters, however. There are some really clever performers in the cast.

I had another massive computer crash today which sent me rushing back home to make phone calls to the technical support people in America. If I'm honest, the number of computer music software malfunctions I'm having on this project is making me a little twitchy. I have an obscene amount of work to do, and am very much aware of the clock ticking down. Right now I'm only able to appear calm and in control when everything goes to plan. The moment I get bowled a googly, I instantly go into melt down. 

I suspect there are going to be a lot of late nights in the coming week as I attempt to get myself back on schedule. 

I ended up having to call the people in America twice with two separate catastrophes. I could tell the first guy who dealt with me was going to be very helpful but that I wouldn't hear sight nor sound of the the women whom I spoke to on the second occasion probably ever again. I think she got really insulted when I had to keep asking her to repeat herself. I couldn't make head nor tail of her accent and she kept using Americanisms which I'd never heard before and couldn't decipher. The clincher was probably when I asked if she could get back to me really quickly because I had a very pressing deadline which was freaking me out. I could tell by her response that she couldn't give a shite! So as I go to bed, I'm still waiting for her to get back to me to tell my why, when I input drums into my system, I hear the sound of blinking whistles! My drum charts sound like a Pride parade!

I would just like to say that since starting work on this computer musical I have NEVER had so many computers crash on me!

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