Sunday, 10 January 2016


We had a lovely lie-in this morning, largely as a result of not having slept a great deal last night. I had lots on my mind.

We worked through the day. I don't feel I achieved enough, but we're slowly inching forward. The end of this first writing process is definitely in sight.

Fiona came over this evening and I cooked us all a roast dinner with a whole host of vegetables including, for the first time in my life, kale, which I steamed and then fried in a pan with a bit of halloumi. It worked rather well. I know, I know: welcome to the party. Most of my friends will no doubt have been cooking kale for years. We had peas, sweetcorn, carrots and broccoli and I cooked them all in the same water which I then used as a stock to make a gravy with port. We have all sorts of bottles of alcohol in our cupboard which get left at our house when we have parties. Fiona will sometimes have a glass of red wine when she comes over, but, because we're not drinkers, the rest simply gets used for gravy. Nathan thinks it's an astonishing waste to use expensive alcohol in this way. I think it's got to be used up somehow.

We watched a couple of episodes of Ru Paul and then episodes of Ricky Jervais' Extras, which I've only hitherto dipped into. It's a brilliant series which is utterly painful to watch at times. I'm a late convert to Jervais' charms. I never really got him when he did The Office, but his work in Derek was so extraordinary that I started to see him in an entirely different light.

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