Thursday, 7 January 2016


We had lunch in the local spoon today. Frankly, it's nice to be out of the house, but we were also both celebrating sending our tax off for the year. It feels wonderful to not have that hanging over our heads any more.

The cafe is run by a group of fabulously friendly Turks, only one of whom speaks good English. There's a charming older lady there who has obviously been told to say "enjoy" when she hands food over. Amusingly, she's obviously decided that "enjoy" is one of those catch all words like the German "bitte" which can mean all sorts of things. So, not only does she say enjoy when she hands you your food, she says it when she takes your food away. Today she used it as a greeting instead of the word hello. I suspect it might be the only English word she knows.

We watched Ru Paul's Drag Race this evening and I was quite horrified to hear all the drag queens using the word "fishy" to mean "feminine," which, to me is a little bizarre, bordering on offensive, despite the fact that they seem to be freely using it as some sort of underground compliment. There's obviously a whole new language associated with the American drag scene. At one point they talked about "sissying a face." Dorothy, I don't think we're in the land of Polari any more!

I shivered at the kitchen table all day today. I got cold and stayed cold. I probably needed a jumper, but I don't have one because jumpers itch me. I had to have a bath to warm myself up. I wasn't feeling too inspired if the truth be known, so it all felt a little bit too much like pulling teeth. We're currently working on an anti-nuclear protest song, which, it turns out, is the purest song in the entire show when it comes to computer-generated material. That song has barely been touched by human hands!

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