Friday, 15 January 2016

Three songs left

I was incredibly sad to learn about the death of Alan Rickman today. I was lucky enough to spend an evening in Mr Rickman's company just before Nathan and I got married two years ago. We went out for a meal together, which he paid for as his way of saying congratulations to us both. He was a deeply charming and amusing man and I can imagine that his loss will bring a huge amount of pain to those who are close to him. It seems that cancer is just about everywhere right now. David Bowie, Lemmie, Rickman... It just goes to prove that whatever the level of your wealth and however good your doctors are, it's either going to get you or it's not. It makes me very sad.

We worked like the clappers again today which felt like a little bit of a roast. I didn't sleep much last night. We received another bizarre email yesterday and although I fell asleep fairly promptly, I woke up screaming in terror half an hour later. Nathan tells me I was actually pulling his hair at the same time!

I went into the sitting room where I sat for an hour or so formatting a response to the email, which, of course, I'll never send. I watched 4 am come and go, accompanied by Phil Spence on the telly, who, it turns out, is much shorter in real life than you'd expect him to be.

I completed work on another two of the songs from the show today, which leaves me with three to finish before rehearsals start on Monday. Two of the songs are essentially written and drafted. They just need a bit of TLC to make them pop. The third song is not yet written, although, I'm thrilled to say that, at exactly 10.31pm, Nathan arrived in the sitting room, looking a little over-come and tearful, to say that he'd finished the lyric. And it's brilliant.

To celebrate we're taking ourselves to the local shop to buy some soup for our tea.

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