Friday, 29 January 2016


I managed to polish off a full orchestration today, which has given me hope for the future in terms of getting this beast into the hands of musicians. It still feels a bit like an uphill struggle, though. I'm literally running on empty.

I tend to sit in front of my lap top at a little table in the corner of the rehearsal room so that I can be on hand for anyone who needs me. One of the music staff will occasionally sidle over and make a suggestion for some underscoring or a change in accompaniment or harmony, and director Luke will sometimes ask us to clarify the intention behind a certain line.

At the end of the day there's a de-brief, which gives us all a chance to talk about what's happened during the day. The process works well. On a new show, particularly one with such a curious genesis, there will always be one or two teething issues, as everyone discovers each other's eccentricities, working methods and how best to effectively interact, but I think we've started to find a good rhythm,
The cast made huge leaps forward today, managing to stagger their way through to the end of act one of the show. There's still an enormous amount to achieve, but I kept catching little glimpses of what the final show will look like, all of which were accompanied by little tingles of excitement.

I hate the commute to and from the rehearsal space. The tubes are always ram-packed, and at the end of a tiring day, when you know you're going home to continue working, a face full of someone's enormous back pack is unpleasant, bordering on traumatic! Londoners put up with a hell of a lot of nonsense on a daily basis.

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