Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bank holiday blues

There's almost nothing to say about today. Because it was a bank holiday and because normal people take bank holidays off, I decided to drift about the house like some sort of restless spirit whilst Nathan launched a knitting pattern.

The most productive thing I did was a mini-photo shoot where I took photographs of the scarf for which Nathan was creating the pattern. We went out to the little triangle of grass on the corner of Archway Road and Muswell Hill Road opposite the old Children's Bookshop which has recently become a retro Barber shop.

At this time of year, this particular triangle is always covered in a carpet of daffodils. There's one tree there. And a stone bench. The tree, I discovered today, is dedicated to the eradication of nuclear weapons. Heaven knows how I've managed to miss that.

I took some more pictures with the scarf draped over railings in front of a post box. I know the Americans (many of whom buy Nathan's patterns) are well into their red phone boxes so figured that they might enjoy a post box as well. Surely they're just as iconic?

Nathan had his hair cut in the barbers. It's only just opened but there's never anyone in there. This upsets us greatly. I'm not sure Nathan is that happy with the cut he was given though. Typical Brits. We'll continue to go there out of politeness!

That's it. I've bored myself. I cannot wait to start working again tomorrow!

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