Wednesday, 2 March 2016


We went into Muswell Hill today to buy lots of cleaning equipment. We went to the 99p store and exited laden with everything we need to thoroughly spring clean the house. We also bought a pair of dustbins. Haringey council has finally cottoned on to the concept of recycling and, a year after requesting them, we've been provided with the pink and green bin liners we need to segregate the different types of waste.

On our way back from the shops we drove down a street where all the trees were being pollarded. I hate seeing trees butchered in this way. They always look so pathetic: so humiliated. It's a funny old time of year to chop all the branches away. There's obviously an understanding that birds nests will be left untouched, so every so often there'd be a tall branch sticking out higher than the rest with a giant nest perched perilously on top. In one of them, a pair of bewildered magpies were plainly trying to work out what the heck was going on!

I came into central London for a meeting at a swanky hotel in Seven Dials. My pot of tea came with a pair of very strange, very small biscuits which had the most peculiar flavour which nestled somewhere between very tasty and inedible!

After the meeting I hot-footed it across to Borough for osteopathy before returning to Central London where I spent ages searching for daffodils. It's St David's Day today and I wanted to give a little bunch of flowers to the two Welshies in the cast, Llio and Steffan. I finally found a flower stall in Covent Garden, bought a couple of bunches and managed to slip into their dressing rooms like a ninja to deliver them whilst the cast were warming up on stage.

Steffan told me afterwards that he'd never been given flowers before. I think it's such a shame that men don't get given flowers very often. There's many a time that I've been handed a bottle of wine whilst the women around me cradle beautiful bunches of flowers and I've felt a little sad. Everyone deserves flowers. In fact, I know a married couple who argue all the time because one of them secretly longs for a bunch of flowers from the other...

The show was fabulous tonight, and the audience loved it. There were several returnees in the crowd. One of them saw it last night and instantly booked tickets to see it again. We had a legendary MD in from the West End who said the show was one of the best British new musicals he'd seen in recent years.

The man sitting opposite us on the tube on the way home stank to high heaven of dope! It's such a pungent smell. If I were a policeman and I cared two hoots about that sort of thing, I would instantly have searched him and no doubt have found vast quantities of illegal substance about his person. Dope smokers so often forget that the smell hangs around them like Pig Pen on Charlie Brown!

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