Monday, 21 March 2016

Boat Face

I woke up this morning and laughed continuously for ten minutes after hearing how the British have responded to a Environment Research Council (NERC) run competition to name an important research ship destined to sail the Antarctic. 

Organisers have asked for "inspirational names which exemplify the work we do" and suggest that “the ship could be named after a local historical figure, movement, or landmark - or a famous polar explorer or scientist."

So what has the British public overwhelmingly voted for?

"Boaty McBoatface"

Apparently the name has proved so popular that the website to name the boat keeps crashing. The man who made the original suggestion has subsequently apologised on Twitter. Other suggestions for names include It’s Bloody Cold Here, Ice Ice Baby and Notthetitanic.

And that, my friends, is why I'm proud to be British.

I was horrified to discover last night that most of my friends either wear glasses or hold anything they're reading at least a metre from their faces in order to focus properly. I'm pleased to say that my eyesight in that regard remains good, but all that footle is clearly just around the corner...

I worked this morning in the Costa Coffee up at Highgate Village or "town" as I described it to Nathan today. Someone who read my blog in its early days thought I was actually a barista in the cafe because I wrote about working there so often. Working for me means writing, although I wouldn't feel at all ashamed to work in a cafe. I've been developing ideas, sending emails and writing a first draft of the script for Em, which is my new musical. I'm actually finding the stage I'm at a little dull. There's no finessing involved and no sparks of inspiration needed. I've worked up the synopsis, but now I'm simply splurging rubbish onto a page to see how long the show is and get a feel for it its pacing and flow. It's worst with lyrics. I'm just writing on-the-nose shite! I will not allow myself to write any music for the show until I've done at least two more drafts.

When Nathan got back this evening we watched Grease. I haven't seen the film for a while, and have wanted to watch it again ever since we visited the "Thunder Road" location in the LA River basin where they shot the car race and Sandy sings those immortal words, "goodbye to Sandra Dee." I bought the DVD in Nuneaton and tonight felt like the perfect moment to watch it. It's a great film.

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