Tuesday, 8 March 2016


I've done sod all today. That's actually a lie. I drove up to Brent Cross where I bought a belt because the belt I last tried to put on fell apart as I tried to buckle it up. I felt a bit tragic emerging from that terrible shopping centre with nothing but a belt, but I have decided to lose weight before buying any nice clothes for myself.

For the rest of the day I sat in front of the telly. I should have started the process of spring cleaning, but Nathan was working today, and at a certain point I realised that I simply couldn't be bothered. So I sat underneath a blanket instead.

Another workman arrived to do something with the roof. I'm not enjoying how often they're coming and going at the moment. They never call to give us warning and blithely let themselves into the building, so the first thing we hear of them is a little tap on our door, before they let themselves in five seconds later. I have now been naked twice when they're arrived. Today I made the decision that they have to expect nudity if they're going to turn up unannounced, so I greeted the man in the hallway wearing nothing but a towel. It was literally all I had the chance to put on!

Day time telly never ceases to amaze me with its inaneness. It was nice to spend a day doing nothing but any more days like this would start to send me round the twist. In fairness, I was switching channels left, right and centre, but I have managed to watch about six property shows of varying formats today, five of those programmes where dreadful people go and stay in each others' bed and breakfasts and go around looking under the bed for dust, and four ghost-watching shows mostly featuring Yvette off of Blue Peter screaming her tits off. The amount of times I've turned up for a meeting with a TV commissioner and been told that they already have "a programme similar to that" in development. I wonder what happens when people go in pitching an idea for a home improvement or antiques show? Do the commissioners suddenly forget that they ONLY have similar shows on their roster? It blows my mind.

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