Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Brunch in the hill

I was meant to work today but slept in late. Nathan finished his job at the Royal Festival Hall last night and went out to celebrate, and I stayed up late writing. Before I knew it, it was 3am, and then it was 10.30am!

Llio texted to ask if I was free for brunch with her Mum in Muswell Hill, and I jumped in the bath, got dressed and walked up through Highgate Woods to meet them. It's been cold and damp today. I could feel it in my ankles. I met a lovely Danish woman en route who asked me the way to Queen's Wood. (We have a lot of woods in Highgate!) I dutifully pointed her in the right direction and asked if she was off to the vegetarian cafe there. "No" she said, "I'm going to the playground..." I was very pleased to be able to tell her that there was a world class adventure playground in the very wood in which she was walking. I can't actually think there's any type of playground in Queen's Wood. It's a darker, altogether less child-friendly place. Local people: was I wrong?

Brunch with Llio and her Mum became lunch and then a lovely afternoon of chatting back at Till-Taylor-Towers. They were both on superb form, and we had a lot of fun. Silvia was wearing an amazing 1960s-inspired, Joan-Littlewood-esque cap. On Silvia it looked incredibly glamorous. It was as though she'd just popped up to Muswell Hill from Carnaby Street. In the era when Carnaby Street was cool, cause god knows it's a shite-hole these days!

We had another altercation at the gym today which ended with a death stare from another angry young man who really didn't want to hear it when we politely pointed out what a complete arse he was being. I won't bore you with the story. It would merely remind me how bored I'm getting with this sort of behaviour. Or how old I am these days! #GrumpyOldMan #Wasn'tLikeThisInMyDay

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