Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dance dance dance

There's a programme on ITV at the moment called Dance Dance Dance, where celebrities, and their dancer mates try to recreate iconic dance routines from pop and rock videos. As such, it occupies the area between Let's Dance for Comic Relief and Strictly. It's actually my guilty pleasure. The dancing is actually really high quality. It's presented by Alesha Dixon, and, a somewhat jovial chap, who based on his little attempt at choreography in the opening show, really can't dance! Anyway, the hysterical thing is that the theme tune, which, unsurprisingly, is a setting of the words "Dance Dance Dance," features a group of singers who pronounce the word "dance" in such an American way that they almost sound like they're singing "daince, daince, daince." I'm always amused when they cut to Alesha whose first words are always "welcome to Dance, Dance, Dance" except her pronunciation of the word "dance" is so far into the realm of "daaaarnce" that she might as well be talking about a different show. I'm sorry. I've no idea what I'm writing. This cold is literally making my head swim about.

Why do weather people talk about "quiet" conditions? It seems to be a new adjective, and they're all using it. To me it's like talking about hearing images and seeing songs, which, of course, ABBA did to great effect on the Visitors album, but the last time I checked, weather forecasting was factual and not a form of poetry. Instead of quiet, I'd suggest "still" or "calm" instead.

I've been shivering under a duvet all day today. I feel rough as old boots. We went to Daniel and Matthew's this evening for the most amazing meal of aubergine Bake followed by an apple and almond pudding which was melt-in-the-mouth wonderful. It was lovely to see their twins as well. It's been a while since I last saw them. I just wish I could have sparkled more!

We came back home and watched the last two episodes of the Gilmore Girls, which made me a little sad, because I'm aware that Edward Hermann, who plays the father, died a few years ago, and therefore won't be coming back for the "ten years on" episodes. I have to go to bed. Nathan, for some reason, has turned the heating off in the house and I'm freezing cold.

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