Monday, 30 January 2017

The Dry Cleaner from DesMoines

I worked all day today and spent the morning in the local "orange" cafe. There was a really eclectic playlist coming over the sound system, which even included music from Joni Mitchell's seminal album, Mingus. I haven't heard any of those tracks for many years. I listened to it on repeat for much of my first year at University after being introduced to it by third year jazzers on the music course. There was a great snobbery attached to jazz music at York University. You were either a jazzer, or you weren't. I would love to have been one. The cool kids all did jazz. I became a "thesp" instead. In fact, they called me King Thesp. I used to walk around barefoot in a kaftan. Even in the snow. Philippa was Queen Thesp.

If you're interested in quirky jazz and funk, I would recommend a listen to Mingus. You can hear The Dry Cleaner From DesMoines here

York University would appear to be twice the size that it was in my day. There's a whole extra campus called Heslington East, which seems to be the new location of Goodricke and Langwith Colleges, both of which used to be situated on the main campus. There's a new lake and everything. I'm not sure how I'd feel if my old college had upped-sticks and made its way to a new location.

My accountant emailed me late tonight to say that she'd managed to average my earnings from the last two years, and, in the process, save me a considerable amount of tax liability, which is a heck of a relief. I heard a piece on the radio last night which suggested that the British tax system is the most complicated in the world. They're trying to change things, but, apparently, it's not going to get any easier for freelancers. I've heard we're now going to have to do tax returns four times a year. Just what we need.

I've been going though the script of Em today. Philippa has given me a few notes, and Clare, up at Edge Hill Univserity, gave me some pointers on Scouse dialect. I suspect I'm only really going to be titting about with the script until we do a reading and I get to hear whether the dialogue is effectively coming off the page.

Nathan has already gone to bed, and I am waiting up for Young Josh who is staying at ours tonight. It'll be lovely to see him.

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