Friday, 6 January 2017


I emerged from my house today to find a river of water flowing down Southwood Lane. It was a pretty major deal which had obviously been caused by yet another broken water pipe: a regular occurrence in these parts. A huge geyser of water was spewing out from underneath a plastic traffic bollard and there were massive holes in the tarmac along the road where the water had swept the surface away. I stood next to a woman for some time, trying to ascertain the way to cross the road. We both agreed to save the other if we were swept away!

I came back later to find the river gone, but all the streets in my area sealed off, to the extent that I was effectively marooned. It took me half an hour to get to the gym, snaking my way around the streets, using every ounce of local knowledge I possess. Fortunately our water supply hadn't been cut off.

I was pleased with myself today. I finished another draft of Em and sent it out to Philippa to read who's going to give me a set of notes. I spent the afternoon doing admin, tidying up an application and working my way through a list of things to do which had built through the Christmas period. Tax went off yesterday. Fingers crossed I won't be hit by a shocking bill.

I switched the telly on whilst eating my tea. Adverts as usual. I can't ever seem to time turning the telly on to see anything other than adverts. Today's selection were particularly galling, the worst of which was for Disneyland Paris. The theme of the advert was sparkle. I kid you not. They know their institution is built on the pink, shiny dreams of 8 year-old girls. The advert is filled with all sorts of images of shiny things. Dresses. Fireworks. Shooting stars. Magic wands. Jewels. It looks like the Blue Peter studio at Christmas time. And the tag-line? "The one thing that shines brighter than anything else is the sparkle in your children's eyes." Barf

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