Monday, 6 February 2017


I've had a bit of a lonely day today. Nathan was out at rehearsals and I was stuck at home, watching telly and convincing myself I was writing music.

We've been watching Dance Dance Dance on the telly, which is the show where celebrities and their real-life friends and partners learn incredibly complicated and iconic dance routines from the world of pop. I've been waiting for Wuthering Heights to appear, but sadly, they're keeping things a little more up to date! There's a contestant on the show called Chrissy Brooke whose partner, Jonny Labey, I think, was on Eastenders. Both are extraordinary dancers, who seem to be running away with the competition. Anyway, on today's show, Chrissy was given the task of dancing Chandelier by Sia, which has to be one of the most stunning songs coupled with one of the most extraordinary videos of recent years. The original promo, which has been seen by 1.5 billion people on YouTube, features a young girl, Maddie Ziegler, who is a truly compelling performer. The choreography, by Ryan Herrington, is typically quirky and unnerving.

Performed by an adult, however, the dance maintained its quirkiness, but gains a sadder, clown-like quality, which I found utterly devastating. Brooke is as wonderful an actress as she is a dancer. I am often excited by dance, but rarely moved by the art form, yet this performance made Nathan and me cry like babies.

If you're one of the very few people not to have seen the original video for Chandelier on YouTube, I suggest you do so when you next have a few minutes spare with a cup of tea!

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