Thursday, 9 February 2017

Germany's Eurovision

We're at Brother Edward and Sascha's house in Canary Wharf watching the selections for this year's German Eurovision Entry. The TV show is called "Unser Song" (Our Song) and it's one of the most complicated voting systems I've ever witnessed. It started with five singers who were whittled down to three, each of whom sang a very different version of two songs which had been written specially. Sadly, the writers chosen were big American song-writing names, who were never going to donate their best material for lowly Eurovision. Three artists became two, and two became one, a girl called Isabella, whose voice slowly packed up on her as the evening unfolded. The winning song was bland. I predict last place for Germany this year. Or a vocal haemorrhage for Isabella. Whichever comes first, basically.

I did like the fact that the Germans, knowing they've done badly in the contest recently, are taking the selection a lot more seriously. Sadly, until the big five countries get to perform in the semi-finals there's almost no point in them forwarding songs.

It was an absolute treat to hear former winners Conchita, Nicole and Ruslana doing the interval entertainment. Conchita was performing as a man, interestingly, with his hairy chest out for the world to see. He looked fabulous.

I was horrified to learn today that the MP for Poplar and Limehouse, Jim Fitzpatrick, voted in favour of the Brexit Bill, despite almost 80% of his constituents voting to remain. Time for that turncoat to go. I hope he loses his seat at the next general election. It's probably time for the Labour Party to shuffle off into obscurity as well. They've handled Brexit appallingly. I'm ashamed ever to have canvassed for them.

On a positive note, the song which will be representing Finland in the contest this year is one of the most moving Eurovision songs I've ever heard. It's called Blackbird and is sung by an Adele look-a-like. It's simple and deeply beautiful. Actually, all of the songs which have been selected so far (apart from Germany's) are really quite interesting.

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