Thursday, 2 February 2017


Am I the only person in the world with no interest in seeing Hamilton? I just can't believe that any show is worth that much hype. No show is that good, and I'm pretty convinced I'd simply be disappointed. Actually, to tell you the truth, I often hear people singing songs from the piece and am always bitterly disappointed. I realise this is no particular mark of whether a show is good or not. The songs I've heard have always been being performed out of context with just a piano accompaniment. But my worry is that, if I pay loads of money to see a show - particularly that show - I'll constantly be asking myself whether it was good value for money. I hate how much theatre shows cost at the moment. I was going to see Dreamgirls with Mez, but the cheapest tickets are £40, which I simply can't afford. There's something rather tragic about an industry whose own people can't afford to attend the shows they make! In my view much cheaper tickets should always be available for members of Equity and MU.

There are still some tickets left for "Brass in Concert", which happens in Birmingham at the Old Rep Theatre on Monday 20th February. The performance is being conducted by Harrison Williams, who played flugelhorn in the original production and acted in this summer's version. That lad wants to know how the show feels from every angle. He'll no doubt choreograph the next incarnation! Tickets are incredibly reasonably-priced at £8 and £10, and this is a fabulous opportunity to hear the score again - probably your only chance to hear it this year. I'm very excited to be there.

I finished another song from Em today. It's mad and incredibly fast, but Nathan thinks it can be faster and madder still! Jeez! I'll put it away for a bit and see how it feels when I get it out of the bottom drawer in a few weeks.

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