Sunday, 12 August 2012


We're watching the Olympics closing ceremony. Three questions. Why so much Emily Sande? Why so much out of tune singing? And why did the three songs that were performed at the beginning get repeated as the athletes walked into the stadium? 

They played the introduction to Running Up That Hill and my heart started beating so fast because I could tell the Kate Bush vocal was new and thought she might be there. She wasn't. A little part of me died. Thank God for the Spice Girls. And ELO and Eric Idle! 

We were meant to go to brother Edward's today, but the idea of tubing it back from the far East with 100,000 revellers spilling out of the Olympic closing ceremony was too horrific for words. 

Instead we went to Ikea with our friends Ian and Jem and bought ourselves a set of crockery. As I washed up one of the only two bowls in my house, I figured the time had come to invest in something new. 

My mosquito bites are still red raw. It's like having chicken pox. Wait... (takes a moment for the hypochondriac to emerge...)  Surely not?

350 years ago, Pepys spent the day working in his office. He certainly wasn't watching the Olympics closing ceremony but he did order himself a miniature wooden ship to stare at instead.

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