Monday, 13 August 2012

In Paradisum

It’s been something of a non-day today, way too muggy, and with much of my time spent waiting for people to call me back about various Requiem-related things.  

The highlight, however, was definitely a trip into the east End to judge an art competition at Rich Mix. In conjunction with the London Requiem, Rich Mix are staging an exhibition of work inspired by the title “In Paradisum.” We were judging the submissions today. I don’t know why, but I was expecting a load of stuff by local school children and learning disability groups. I didn’t realise this was a proper call for proper art from young professionals. The standard was insanely high. I felt really embarrassed to be judging the art. After all, what do I know about technical drawing? I imagined all the times I’d sent my compositions into competitions, and thought what those judging sessions must have been like. Some art was discarded almost immediately because it didn’t fit the brief, but I felt so horrible handing the photocopies of these wonderful pieces back to the organisers knowing that there was potential heart ache coming the way of the unlucky artist.

Still, the 10 or 15 pieces we eventually chose are quite remarkable; hugely worth paying a visit to Rich Mix to see.

Pepys spent the day 350 years ago rushing around various suppliers to the Navy, trying to spot the various scams which were losing the navy money hand over fist. The biggest misdemeanour belonged to the official flag makers, who were using a fake contract to fleece the King out of 8 pence for every yard of fabric they touched. Pepys immediately vowed to change the suppliers and felt very pleased with himself for spotting the scam.

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