Sunday, 12 August 2012


I'm still itching like crazy from the chronic munching I had from mosquitos on Hampstead Heath whilst recording my audio blog inside a tree! The things I do for art. 

Last night's filming ended in a typically eccentric style. Each of the choir members being filmed was given a word written on a piece of card which they held up in increasingly unusual and daring locations from tuk tuks to sex shop windows. The atmosphere on the streets of Soho was electric. Druggies, trannies, prozzies and Hare Krishnas all rubbing shoulders. 

The shoot ended in a phone box, which we'd filled with photographs of gravestones amongst the cards for dominatrixes. 

We've just got back from watching Torch Song Trilogy at the Menier Chocolate Factory. Our friend Sara was playing the mother... Beautifully. It was a true acting master class which I found deeply moving. She managed to make a character with few redeeming features into an incredibly complex figure who oozed pain and inner turmoil. 

350 years ago Pepys was thrilled to report that his house was now "quite tiled", which meant his carpets and drapes were now safe. 

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