Friday, 10 August 2012

Funeral films

We're doing a film shoot today which is due to end at 1am, so heaven knows when I'm going to get the opportunity to post this blog! 

I'm currently in a funeral parlour in Camden, interviewing an undertaker about the industry of death, and how difficult it can be to deal with high emotion on a daily basis. He has a delightfully soporific voice which is massaging my synapses. He's obviously used to talking to people very calmly and sensitively. He should read bed time books for blind people! 

Earlier on, we filmed Nathan, who's presenting the sixth film, doing pieces to camera. We don't have a permit to film anywhere, so every time someone official walks past, we disappear into a side street, or begin to practice our excuses. 

Later, we shall be out and about in Soho, which could prove to be mayhem on a Friday night. 

August 10th, 1662, was a Sunday, and Pepys went to visit the newly refurbished St Sepulchre's church, which he liked a great deal. One assumes the church was destined to burn down in the great fire just over 3 years later. Bet they wish they hadn't bothered! 


  1. Is this another one of your 'musicals?' I hope not!

    1. Watch the films and you'll find out. - search for The London Requiem