Thursday, 24 April 2014


I've been working on an arrangement of Love Is Everyone today. I've been asked to do a version of the song for the London Gay Men's Chorus to sing, and hope I'll be able to do them, and the song justice.

Nathan is in France having a tattoo painted onto his back by a hugely well-respected tattoo artist. I felt awful when he left this morning, suddenly convinced that I should have gone with him. I certainly would have been very frightened at the prospect of going to France, changing trains, staying in a hotel and then turning up at a strange tattoo artist's house all on my own. But there again, I'm a home boy. The adventurous independent gene which my brothers have in spades is entirely dormant in me. I find it crippling to even strike up a conversation with a stranger.

I had tea with Lli tonight. It was fabulous to see her. We met in our regular cafe, a little place in Muswell Hill called Feast which is rarely crowded, and always a good place for a bit of food and a natter. We were rather surprised, therefore, when an elderly couple came in and opted to sit at the table right next to us! There was no one else in the cafe and perhaps 30 tables which were further away from us!

Thanks to a lovely man who came to see us at lunchtime, we now have hot running water, and even more thrillingly, a bathroom tap which actually works. We'd got so used to it being broken that we'd forgotten that ordinary people actually wash in sinks!

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