Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Morning after

Sara Kestelman and I have just sat for four solid hours at her dining room table working on the Brass script, making cuts and changes based on last week's rehearsals. I'm feeling rather upbeat about things. We've moved scenes around. Cut out great big chunks of text. Got rid of the flab. I want to make damned sure that this script is as brilliant as it can be. What's NOT in a script is often as important as what IS. But as lyricist, composer and script writer, I'm properly feeling the pressure. There's no one else to blame if one of the elements is bad!

I had osteopathy again this morning. A new bloke with enormous hands gave me a proper going over. He's a fourth year student at the school, and seemed a great deal bolder than the third years who have traditionally treated me with a little more respect and, as a result, been somewhat tentative.

I went from the osteopath in Borough to Somerset House to meet Michelle of the Turkie for lunch. We sat in the courtyard in the most beautiful sunshine and watched a load of kids running in and out of the huge jets of water within the fountain in the middle.

From Somerset House, I took a bus up to Dalston for a meeting with the Kaleidoscope Trust about what is now my next project.

I took three buses home to Highgate,  which felt a little epic for my liking, but on a beautiful sunny day, why on earth would one take the tube?!

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