Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Smelling nasty

Today was my first day off since our stag do a month ago! I can't imagine how I've managed to stay alive for the period, but I actually feel remarkably robust! I even had a lie-in this morning! A lie-in! Imagine that! I'm afraid being dormant doesn't suit me very well, however, and my feet and fingers are already twitching, wanting to get back to work.

We went to meet Gene David Kirk today for lunch at his new theatre space above The Drayton Arms in Gloucester Road. He's doing a brilliant job in his new role as artistic director there, and seems to have decorated the whole place himself. He's currently reupholstering all the seats with old pairs of jeans. They look absolutely fabulous and are surprisingly comfortable.

He told us he'd had a contretemps with someone who works at a human rights charity who, in response to our wedding, said that he felt the Russians might be on to something with their anti-gay promotion policies! I'm sure he was talking in jest, but it seems rather astonishing that an activist of this nature would be using that sort of language in a public forum without the aid of an irony button! You'd expect - and ignore - it from an internet troll, but someone working for a human rights charity? Epic fail!

I had a massage this evening, which was just lovely, although it's made me smell of chip fat. My masseur is not a fan of the scented oils, so uses something masculine and odour-free, which isn't quite odour-free! I came home and tried to have a bath, but hot water eluded me! I then put a baked potato in the oven, which made the whole house smell of dodgy kitchens, so all things considered, I think the baby Jesus wants me to smell nasty tonight! Sometimes you've just got to go with the flow!

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