Tuesday, 15 April 2014



Dear all. I wonder if anyone out there can help me with my next project? I am currently working with the Kaleidoscope Trust on a very special piece of music called Invisible Voices which will include the recorded spoken testimonies of LGBT people from Commonwealth countries.
We are compiling recordings (all of which can be anonymous if requested), excerpts from which will feature in this electro acoustic work, which will be premiered at Southwark Cathedral. We are also interested in written testimony, which will be sung live by two singers. I am particularly keen to hear from members of the trans community in the UK, but if any one has any LGBT friends across the Commonweath (including Australia, NZ, Canada, India, Sri Lanka and many African and Caribbean countries) who might want to either provide a written account or a simple recording of them talking about their experiences, PLEASE get in touch with me at ben@benjamintill.com

Essentially, we're looking at how far we still need to travel in the world in terms of LGBT rights, so are looking to hear from people with moving, brutal, and frightening first-hand accounts of homophobia, alongside accounts of what LGBT people are hoping for in the future. Perhaps you live in the UK but you come from a Commonwealth Country, or have friends or family there? Perhaps you're reading this from further afield?

This could be a really shocking and important piece of music which reminds everyone, as the UK hosts the Commonwealth Games, that it remains illegal to be gay in 4/5ths of all Commonwealth Countries. But in order for this to work we need really interesting and honest accounts. Please PLEASE pass this on to anyone who might be able to help.

Remember that these testimonies can all be anonymous.


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