Sunday, 27 April 2014


We've finally settled down for the night and are watching the new series of Derek, one of my favourite shows on television. I haven't traditionally been a great fan of the work of Ricky Jervais, but think the world he's created with Derek is spot-on. It's very similar to the world I find myself in when I make my films; the estates and the community centres in forgotten corners of the country. The people successive variants of the Labour Party have taken for granted. The people who will one day snap and help to bring a gruesomely right wing party in from the cold. Be warned.

I can't actually watch Derek without crying because it reminds me of so many I the people I've met on my journeys. Old people always light my touch papers and today's show - the first in the series - ended with an old lady singing, which utterly destroyed me. I think Nathan must be wondering what he married!

We were all over North London today. Nathan gave me a set of notes on Brass, so I spent the morning doing re-writes which were sent off to Sara and Matt to look through before they go to Philippa, whose notes, one hopes, will be the final set before the script is signed off. That will be a weight off my mind, and a significant moment for the project.

We had lunch in a greasy spoon in Muswell Hill to alleviate the pain of collecting a load of badly developed pictures of our wedding from Snappy Snaps. That's £100 down the drain.

We went to Dame Sara's this afternoon to see designer Erik's beautiful model box of the potential set for Brass, which is really very exciting. When we arrived, choreographer Matt and Sara were pushing miniature duck boards around the stage, photographing the different scenes they'd created.

We came home and spent the evening photoshopping in the hope we can trick Snappy Snaps into printing our wedding pictures with a little more clarity, contrast and vibrancy. It took rather longer than expected and by the time I'd finished it was nearly midnight, which meant there was no time left to do nothing. That's not a double negative. We genuinely wanted to do nothing. We just wanted to be. So we watched Derek, and, well, that, as they say, was that...

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