Monday, 7 July 2014

Overture Over and Out

Hello all, Nathan here, Ben's husband.

I'm writing this very short placeholder blog post, as Ben has been up since the crack of dawn, orchestrating and formatting the prologue for Brass.  It's a twelve-minute epic of a number, and although it's going to be an amazing opener for what is shaping up to be an extraordinary show, it comes with about a gazillion key changes, time changes, and different sections in varying musical styles, so it's certainly taking its time.

I got home from Leicestershire, where I've just finished the penultimate week of my run of South Pacific (or Non-Specific, as a good friend of mine calls it...) at about a quarter to twelve, and found Ben in the kitchen pulling out clumps of hair.

A couple of computer crashes later, with a handful of tiredness errors thrown in for good measure, a minor catastrophe and teary moment to boot, it looks like he's finally nearly there with it, but it became clear that if either of us ever wanted to get to bed tonight, it would be a good idea for me to do a guest spot tonight.

Tomorrow is a new day for Ben, and brings new events with it: he has a top secret render-vous with a prominent member of the Royal Family, but I'm not at liberty to say who, or what it's about.  How terribly exciting!

Sadly, with Brass taking up so much of Ben's time, and with me being away in a forest for the past two months, we haven't had the time to plan our honeymoon yet, but we will get round to that very soon.  At the moment it looks like we'll be going away to the States for the first two weeks of September, and finally getting the chance to put our generous Trailfinder fund, that many of our wedding guests contributed to, to good use.  I can't wait!

Anyway, it's LONG past bedtime for this guest blogger, and I'm signing off.  Ben will be back tomorrow, hopefully in a saner state of mind!

Love to all, Nx

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