Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tour de whatever

So there I was getting all excited about having reached the half-way point in the delivery of orchestrations for Brass, when I realised there are  actually twenty-one songs in the show rather than the twenty I'd initially thought! At that moment my heart broke so perfectly that no one heard the tinkle. Shortly afterwards I realised I'd forgotten to number the last set of parts I'd done and had to reopen and re-save 25 documents! I'd like to say I won't make that mistake again, but I did the exact thing yesterday too!! Hoo!

This evening, whilst formatting scores, I had Storage Hunters on in the background. I tend to watch Dave because it is utterly mindless - almost profoundly so - and very rarely distracts me from my tasks. It's only trouble is that it's rooted so firmly in the past that you can end up feeling a little like you're living in a bubble. There are no news broadcasts and the repeats they show are sometimes many years old. Last week I saw a topical comedy show where they discussed the London Olympic bid! That said, politics and current affairs are so often the same old s**t, that I very often forget that I'm not watching something filmed this week. Replace one disgraced Tory peer with another, a Jimmy Saville with a Rolf Harris, one tennis or World Cup failure with another...

That said, I did enjoy watching the footage of the Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France two days ago whilst at the gym, and I spoke to my mother yesterday who lives very close to the Cambridge-to-London route. She said you could have played dominoes on the street outside because so many roads had been closed. As she spoke to me she was watching cyclists on the telly passing through the neighbouring village of Finchingfield (often referred to as the prettiest village in England.) I was simultaneously crossing over Hungerford Bridge, where The Embankment below was filled with people waiting for the race to arrive there. It seemed rather strange. I would have thought it takes rather a long time to cycle from Cambridge to London!

I forgot to eat this evening and am now having a bowl of tomato soup. I'll just call up the acid reflux people and make sure they're ready to visit me in my sleep... Night night.

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