Tuesday, 7 October 2014

God Only Knows

We sat down to watch last weekend's Strictly Come Dancing this evening, but there was something wrong with our router, which meant our options were either to watch the piece with enormous pixilations across the screen, or with periodic interruptions from the dreaded iPlayer spinning sun.

This evening, the BBC launched a new music initiative (I'm actually not sure what BBC Music is, but I'm sure  it's both wonderful and of no use whatsoever to me!)

Anyway, the film they've chosen to launch it with is apparently the product of the longest gestation period of any trailer ever made. It's plainly also one of the most expensive trailers ever made. It's a Perfect-Day-meets-Band-Aid type of film, with all sorts of luminaries like Elton John, Kylie and a lots of classical musicians that aren't quite as familiar. It's CGI'd to the hilt. Kylie floats on in a bubble and everyone ends up flying around in clouds painted on a theatre ceiling. It's spectacular and beautiful... And all proceeds go to Children In Need...

Anyway, the comedy part in all of this is that the song is a cover version of God Only Knows, just like we had at our wedding, performed...  Wait for it... at the old theatre in Alexandra Palace!

Comparisons are being made left, right and centre. Brother Tim has put both sequences up on his Facebook page. I love a good coincidence. I should point out that our version took five minutes to film rather than 2 1/2 years!

I was at the osteopath today, and sat in the waiting room observing people who were obviously in crippling pain. One poor woman could barely stand up from her chair. Another man, who seemed quite young and handsome, stood up, and walked towards the door with the most curious limping gait. It was only when I looked down at his feet that I realised his shoes were entirely ground down on one side. All too often our shoes exacerbate our postural problems! My trainers are utterly disastrous... I looked at them earlier on and felt ashamed.

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