Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Rain, rain, go away...

It's been a day of nothing but work. I was up at 9, and effectively sat at the kitchen table for eleven hours, only stopping for a brief sojourn to the gym. There's never been a better day to do nothing but work, however. It's been wet and miserable all day and it's still raining outside. I can see it teaming down like strings of sequins in the lamplight outside.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly an incident this morning. I had my head very much in my computer, working on a particularly troublesome bar of music, when my eye was drawn to the window by a flash of yellow. Initially I thought I was looking at some kind of enormous hornet, and my heart jumped into my mouth. When I looked again, I saw a beautiful little Great Tit sitting on the window ledge staring in at me.

When I looked out into the garden, there were at least four of the birds hopping around with a couple of magpies in the tree outside. I have for some time suspected we have a pair of Great Tits nesting in one of the Victorian iron ventilation chimneys on our roof. Periodically we hear the chicks making a right racket, demanding to be fed, but I have very rarely seen them - certainly not in such close proximity. I wondered if the birds were fledglings, but it seems an odd time of year for recently hatched creatures to be bouncing around a garden.

Anyway, I put some Weetabix out on the window ledge, in the hope that the birds would learn there was a safe space with plenty of food, so that I could be pleasantly distracted throughout the day. I'm not sure they've discovered it yet, or, indeed, if Great Tits even like Weetabix. The rain will no doubt have turned the plate into inedible porridge, so I might need to try another food stuff tomorrow.

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